Disable Asset option in the asset info

  • 29 April 2021
  • 2 replies

Anyone know how to add a disable asset setting to the asset info window? It would be a great QoL improvement.

2 replies

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Hello pgriswold, can you describe a little better where you would like to see the switch? Note that there must be authorizations for this. It's always good to have an idea Karlson
Hi Karlson, There is already a setting to add a Disabled field from the form designer, however it just says yes or no. If it could be changed to a dropdown it would be useful, since the Asset name at the top already states when it is disabled. This would be a QoL improvement because there is no way to go back to your search results after viewing an asset, without having to reenter the search criteria. Not being able to use the back button is a bigger gripe with the software.