How to Modify SysAid Agent MSI directly

  • 20 April 2016
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The instructions I've included attached to this post, are AS IS, no warranty implied. You break it, you buy it. SysAid obviously doesn't condone this either. Traditionally in order to use the MSI to deploy the agents, you had to use ORCA, to create an MST file for your Group policy to reference the options while running the MSI. I was of the opinion that there should be some way for the agent to be installed silently without giving away our Account ID and serial number to say an end user who's not inside the network, that you need to put the agent on it. After all end user's don't need to know those values, and frankly the less involved they are, sometimes the better. I've successfully done this on the last few releases of the MSI. This allows me to build an MSI for each division I have that wants a different shortcut key for the desktop icon. Be warned that if you have UAC on, or Windows 8/8.1/10, you'll need to run an elevated command prompt to install this. It also will not install if an older version is detected..

1 reply

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