Importing assets - Link to Agent later

Normally with assets like PC’s, Laptops, we just install the agent and let it automatically populate the asset and the CI.

We just received a very large batch of laptops that we likely won’t be deploying for a while, so I’d like to get them into Sysaid but don’t want to image/deploy the agent just yet.  We’ve never utilized the asset import feature.  If I import these assets, then later install the agent on them, will it link to the existing record or will it create a duplicate?

Also, upon importing the assets, will it automatically create the CI record as well (like when deploying the agent), or will we need to import again to the CI list?

Thank you for any direction you can provide!


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Hi @Chris

What is the method you’re going to use to add them? Are you going to add them manually or via a CSV file? In those cases, if you would want to deploy an agent later it won’t associate with the existing record.

Alternatively, you can discover those assets using the WMI scan and later deploy those assets. 

Another way is to create a group policy and after you’ve assigned those new laptops and computers to those policies they will be deployed with an agent. 

Here is a link on how to discover assets using WMI scan:

Hope this helps :)



I actually tested this with a single asset after posting and it DOES work as I had hoped.  I created a CSV and imported it into Assets.  Then imaged the device and installed the sysaid MSI and it DID link to the asset that was imported.  I imported the exact model number and serial number, and the name matched the computer name.  I’m unsure which part it used to “match” to the existing asset, but it did work!