IT Asset Management Monitoring setup

  • 12 April 2024
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Wondering if there’s a video that can walk me through IT asset management monitoring configuration.


2 replies

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To set up IT asset management monitoring in SysAid, you can follow these general steps. While there isn't a specific video mentioned here, these instructions should guide you through the process effectively. For visual aids, you might find helpful tutorials on SysAid's official YouTube channel or within the SysAid Community forums.

**Setting Up IT Asset Management Monitoring**

1. **Install SysAid Agent**: Ensure the SysAid Agent is installed on the workstations, servers, and network devices you wish to monitor. This is crucial for collecting data from these assets.

2. **Configure Monitoring Settings**: In SysAid, navigate to the Asset Management section and select the Monitoring tab. Here, you can configure your monitoring settings, including what aspects of each asset you wish to monitor (e.g., CPU usage, disk space).

3. **Add Assets for Monitoring**: You can add assets manually by clicking the + symbol and entering the necessary details, or you can import a list of assets using a .csv file for bulk addition.

4. **Set Up Notifications**: Configure notifications to alert you about specific events, such as an asset going offline or exceeding certain thresholds. This can be done under Settings > Monitoring > Notifications.

5. **Review and Analyze Data**: Once monitoring is set up, regularly review the collected data to analyze the performance and health of your IT assets. This can help in proactive maintenance and in making informed decisions about your IT infrastructure.

**Additional Resources**

- For detailed instructions, refer to the SysAid Documentation page on Workstations/Servers/Network Devices monitoring.

- If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, consider opening a Service Record for personalized support.

Remember, the effectiveness of your IT asset management monitoring setup will depend on regular updates and adjustments based on the evolving needs of your IT infrastructure.
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Hi nicole.cano,


Sysaid does not offer video regarding IT asset management, you can try to go through the documentation:

Or you can purchase PS hours where a specialized sysaid employee with help you with the configuration of sysaid asset management. 


Thank you and have a lovely day forward.