SNMP scan not returning devices

Hi All When we run the SNMP scan on a device that has SNMP enabled (we're currently running the scan on one of our switches) we return no devices. Can anyone help check where we're going wrong? Thanks Ash

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I have the same problem!
Same problem here! Any fix for this?
Hey guys, Are you using SysAid Cloud or On-Premise? Which version? What does the log during SNMP Scan state, does it end the scan? Cheers, Danny
We're using the Cloud version full. The SNMP scan says it finished and found 1 device, but the device does not show up in the Asset list.
Do you have a Remote Discovery Service server set up? If not, then please set it up first, as it is required for proper communication between the Cloud and your internal networks. You can read it at Guide to the SysAid Remote Discovery Service (RDS). Let me know. Cheers, Danny
We have RDS already set up and it is working with other assets. For example, we add servers through the RDS by using the IP address. SysAid finds the asset and populates it into the asset list. It just doesn't work using an SNMP scan with RDS.
I have just consulted with a colleague and if the log states it found a device, the device is automatically added. Can you check if perhaps your asset list view has any filters enabled, including a static filter when clicking on Customize View? If so - please clear those filters. If you have a large amount of assets and have trouble finding it, you can also filter by Source of SNMP. You can do this by clicking on Advanced Filter, selecting Source and SNMP, then "Create Filter". Let me know if this works. Cheers, Danny
There are no filters enabled. When sorting by SNMP I'm able to very that the device is not listed. I've also tried adding other assets via SNMP and the same problem occurs.
Interesting. I suggest opening a ticket with our customer support team for further investigation. Once a solution is found, please post it here in case other customers encounter a similar issue, if applicable :) Thanks, Danny
I am having this exact problem as well. Any resolution?
Hi MrAnderson, jdky29's ticket is still under investigation. You can either wait for it to resolve, or open your own ticket on this issue. Once you do, please let me know of the ticket number you get, so we could interconnect the issue. Thanks, Danny
Hi All, Was there a resolution on this? Cheers
Hi all, we have the same problem. Devices are discovered via SNMP scan but not listed. Could someone please post a resolution? Thanks, Anette
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Hi Anette, First step we can recommend is check your logs for any errors? Otherwise this will require further investigation with our Customer Care team reach out through live chat or our Helpdesk Let us know how it goes! Cheers, Maayan
Hi all, we have the same problem. Devices are discovered via SNMP scan but not listed. Could someone please post a resolution? Thanks, Anette