TeamViewer Embedded, SysAid Agent.

  • 21 July 2022
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TeamViewer Embedded, SysAid Agent.

Does the sysaid agent have to be installed for teamviewer embedded to work? 

Also has anyone seen instances where teamviewer wont stay enabled on an asset thus not letting you use it to remote in? 

2 replies

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Hi Adam,

yes, the TeamViewer Embedded addon is relaying on the agent, it also might not work for you if you had another version of TeamViewer installed on the end-user’s machine before you enabled it on the asset so that it will install the one that SysAid is using via the agent. 

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For unattended session you must have SysAid Agent installed in order to enable remote session. 

For attended sessions you don’t require the agent to be installed, only the admin user need to have the TeamViewer console installed. Then you simply enable it directly from SR, sending request to end-user for a TeamViewer session for quick support.  

Hope this clears everything up!