Customer Satisfaction Survey Reminders and Better Placement

  • 10 August 2023
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We use the Customer Satisfaction Survey to measure our internal IT teams customer service rating, and we what to increase the response rate of the survey by sending out a reminder if an internal user hasn’t completed a survey for a completed ticket. Is this possible via sysaid, and we would like to make the survey that is currently on the bottom of the ticket more visible, how can we do this?


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1 reply


We’ve discussed your question internally and got the following workaround:

-in every environment it should be a field called Survey Status which we can recommend on adding it into a certain tab within the ticket template for visibility purpose

-then create an escalation rule that would have those 2 conditions in the Query

Check the screenshots. However, remember you will still need to configure to whom the notification to go through)

Let me know if it worked