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  • 8 August 2022
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Hello folks,


I need to know how to be able to customize the location field, in the default view. I need to be able to check from where to customize the “Filter Caption and Filter Expression”.


Any help would be very appreciated.




Gustavo M.


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Hi Gustavo,

I assume by the way that you wrote your question that you already know where you can customize the field meaning clicking on the arrow near the list of the views and then “Customize View”. 

There you have to either add a filter or customize an existing one.

Depending on the origin of the field that you are customizing you will need to change the 

“List field, Lookup table, Lookup field, Lookup caption” and “Order by” depending on what your end goal is.

This article might be helpful for future reference:

I do however highly suggest that if you are trying to work on new filters, do so in a separate testing view before applying anything to the default view.

Once you apply a filter if you have done it in the wrong way (by mistake), then it might break the view.

If this view is visible to other admins, it might break for everyone.

Specifically for the location filter, you can change the settings in the following way:

List field: r.location
Lookup table: cust_values where list_name = 'location' 

Lookup field: value_key

Lookup caption: value_caption

Order by: value_caption


Hope that it helps.

If you need more help or want to be sure that it has been done correctly, open a ticket to our customer care team and we will happily assist with this.