Help with Escalation Rule using "Time to Respond"

  • 26 May 2023
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  • Ticket is created
  • User receive notification for ticket creation
  • User supply additional info, unsolicited by the assigned administrator, on the ticket via email or notes resulting in the ticket status changing from “New” to “User Responded”.

I would like to create an ER along the lines of if “Status=User Responded” AND “Time to Respond=isEmpty” then “Status = New”. Obviously, the ‘Time to Respond’ variable type is Float so a value of ‘isEmpty’ is not suitable. Additionally, the ER is not triggered when ‘Time to Respond’ is set to 0 or 0.00.

Is there a default value for ‘Time to Respond’ similar to isEmpty or Null? I would also welcome any alternative logic.


7 replies

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Hi @Newbie_be_I

We usually use the field “Time to Respond” in reference to timers in Settings> Service Desk> Timers where you can configure it to count scenarios based on your specific needs. 

In that case, this field can be used in “Escalation Rules.”  

If you define “Time to Respond” in a scenario that suits you, you can redefine it under “Escalation Rules” in the “Time to Respond” tab as seen below:




Thanks very much for this but I still think I would need the answers to my initial questions to create a proper timer as I am unable/don’t know how to use the Expression Builder to code something like

If (Time to Respond > time elapsed since status was set to ‘Waiting on End User’)


For an alternative logic, is there a variable associated with notes or messages sent by the administrator; either measuring time or quantity?

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Hi @Newbie_be_I

Can you please send us a screenshot showing us how the “Time to Respond” field appears in the ticket on your screen? This will help us identify the issue and assist you. 



Screenshots requested:



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Hi @Newbie_be_I

How about this solution? In the escalation rule search for all the tickets with the status “User Responded.”

In addition, use the “Time to Respond” field either in the query builder or in the highlighted option in the ER:

Hope this works out :) If you need additional assistance, please reach out to our Support team.

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Such an interesting discussion 👀
If you don’t mind, I’ll convert it into conversation (instead of the question) because I feel it goes beyond one question. Nevertheless, you can continue this thread👌

This would not work as we do not want to escalate on specific elapse time.


However, your suggestion triggered a little change in logic as shown below and it seems to be working now.

If (Status = “User Responded” AND Waiting for End User < 1 minute) then Status = “New”