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  • 3 November 2023
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Is it possible to make fields required only when the change type is specified. i.e. If Standard is selected all things are required. If Emergency is selected only the Implementation Date & Time is required. 






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Hi @chart ,
From what is visible in the form we can deduct that the issue is related to SSP (Self Service Portal)

The field Change type is looking like the template selections and from the behavior described by you is acting like one. If you go to Settings > Self Service Portal > Incident/Request Submission Form you will you find the page as showed in the Self Service Portal.

If you find the field and change it to “Normal” in your example, you will see that the form is changing as well. If you click on design form you will see that a windows will pop-up and you can select fields in the visible fields column, if you select a field it can be set to be “Required” and that way it must be completed every time.

You can find more information in these documentations:


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