oAuth mail check creating duplicates

Hi Team, 


I’m noticing that since implementing oAuth for mail receipt, emails are creating multiple tickets within the platform. Is this something that others have experienced before and how did you resolve it if you did. 

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Hi @SSB IST User

Can you please tell us what SysAid you’re using? Please take some screenshots of the integration. 

In the advanced email integration do you have a check box that automatically adds CC’d users: 

Automatically add CC addressees to the CC field in the SR

Also, did the email that was originally sent have a user CC’d?


That will help us assist you :)




Hi Team,


I’m using Build:22.1.65


No CCs 

Hi @SSB IST User

It seems that you’re not using the latest version. Please upgrade to the latest version using this link»

If you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out :)

Hello, I am also having duplicate tickets created via OAuth 2.0

i am on version on-Prem v22.4.45 b2

In advanced options I do not have the CC tick box checked.

Integration screnshot: