Set up a new Department in Sysaid (Company?)

  • 26 July 2022
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Can someone point me to the documentation, or help me with a new requirement?  I need to set up a new Department in Sysaid - they need to appear completely separate from our Help Desk, with their own categories and own templates - how can I accomplish this?

Any help is appreciated help!


Thank you


Best answer by Maayan Karstaedt 27 July 2022, 13:05

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3 replies

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Hi @gauer

This is a great question that can go 2 ways: 

  1. To simply create a new department go to: 

Settings > Customize > Lists > Dropdown: Department > Add new department 

  1. If understand what you are looking for i.e. creating a whole new realm within your SysAid for another team, this requires a bit more configuration: 

I will work under the assumption that the Admin Group that will handle these tickets will be different than the existing Admin Groups in use. 

The overview of the steps you need are: 

  1. Create a new Admin Group
  2. Create the categories relevant for the new department (aka admin group) 
  3. Define in the new categories  “Visible for admin groups:” 
  4. Define routing rules any SR with these categories will be assigned to new Admin group 
  5. Define dedicated SR templates to this new Admin Group that will display only relevant information and fields for the new department/Admin Group 

Al we will be good to go,

Let us know how it goes!



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Thank you!  This is exactly what I was looking for :)  I will let you know and I really appreciate the quick response!

Similar to the above question about having separate departments in sysaid, can there be two different self serve portals by company.  so our internal IT users can continue to use current self serve portal, but new parking department(I could setup as a different company)  can have a different look and feel and different  url and allow guest users?  Or do we need to setup another instance of sysaid?