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  • 20 September 2020
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We've been a sysaid customer for a number of years and want the communities advice on auto allocating tickets. We are familiar with the concept of the auto dispatching of tickets by admin group.

Current Situation
1 x Central IT
8 x Locations / Companies
16 x Agents (11 x Central, 3 x Location 1, 1 x Location 2, 1 x Location 3+4)
Agents are 3 groups - General IT, Applications, 3rd line
Agents allocate / take over tickets they want to take, no auto allocation or routing

Our suggestion, If it's possible ?
New incidents come in, If it's a category that is allocated to the 3 agent groups, if goes there based on auto routing, if it's general IT then Based upon user who has created tickets location / company the ticket is allocated either to the agent or agents responsible for that location first, then look at the usual rules for the auto despatching and if that agent is overloaded then hand out to the other agents in a fair way.

What do you guys think, is that right ? Is it possible ? What's your suggestions if not ?

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