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I posted in the forums a few weeks ago regarding the pausing of due dates based on a particular ticket Status. I received an auto response regarding the amending of some SLA’s but it still doesn’t make sense to me and I’m unable to fit the recommendations into our set up.

Is someone able to go through this particular process step by step?

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Mel S.

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Here is the response we thought might assist you:

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To help you with pausing due dates based on a particular ticket status in SysAid, I'll provide a step-by-step guide. This will ensure that the due dates are paused when a ticket is in a specific status, such as 'Pending' or 'On Hold'.

**Step-by-Step Guide to Pausing Due Dates Based on Ticket Status**

**1. Log in to SysAid Admin Portal**
- Use your admin credentials to log in to the SysAid Admin portal.

**2. Navigate to SLA/SLM Settings**
- Go to **Settings > Service Desk > SLA/SLM**.

**3. Identify the Relevant SLA**
- Locate the SLA that you want to modify to include the pausing of due dates based on ticket status.

**4. Edit the SLA**
- Click on the SLA to edit it. Here, you can specify the conditions under which the SLA timers should pause.

**5. Configure Statuses to Pause Timers**
- In the SLA settings, look for options to configure the behavior of the SLA timers. You can set specific statuses (e.g., 'Pending', 'On Hold') to pause the SLA timer.
- Navigate to **Settings > Service Desk > Timers**.
- Select the status for which you want to pause the timer. This could be for statuses like 'Hold', 'Observation', or 'Pending'.

**6. Save Changes**
- After configuring the statuses to pause the timers, save the changes to the SLA.

**7. Test the Configuration**
- Create a test ticket and change its status to one of the configured statuses (e.g., 'Pending'). Verify that the due date timer pauses as expected.

**8. Monitor and Adjust**
- Monitor the behavior of the SLA timers for a few tickets to ensure that the configuration works as intended. Make any necessary adjustments based on your observations.

**Additional Considerations**
- If the standard configuration options do not meet your needs, consider setting up custom rules or scripts to handle specific scenarios. This might involve more advanced customization.
- If you encounter any issues or need further assistance with configuring these statuses, please open a Service Record by clicking the 'Create a Service Record' link on the chat page.

By following these steps, you should be able to configure SysAid to pause due dates based on specific ticket statuses. If you have any further questions or need additional help, feel free to reach out.

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SysAid Technologies

I’m still unclear regarding this.  How does SysAid know what this timer does?