Ability to copy views between All Tickets and Incidents.

  • 25 July 2022
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Currently, the views for All Tickets is different from the ones used in Incident, Request..etc. There needs to be a better ability to replicate the views created in All Tickets to other areas. The challenge with the current approach is while it allows for greater level of customization, it is painful having to recreate the same views in incidents, requests etc.

2 replies

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Hi @adsouza !

Just verifying you are talking about lists views in the Service Desk? If so you can customize the views for all users in a one time effort: 

  1. Choose the list view you want to edit 
  2. Click Customize View 

After it’s opened you can choose what fields you want to add/substract and reorder them, edit and click “Save” for all your users to enjoy!

  1. If you want a completely new view that will be available to all users click the checkbox “Please enter a name for the new view”, name the new field and click Save. 


Let us know how it goes!




I know how to do this but you can’t copy and paste the same between “Help Desk > All” and “Help Desk > Incidents”. The views are different there and independent of each other.