Auto adding main asset to a SR request when a user is selected

  • 9 February 2024
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I am looking to add the users main asset to the SR request so we don’t have to dig around for the asset before we remote on.


We don’t use the inbuilt remoting system but a third party so using the RC isn’t an option.


I can see you can add the main asset to the SR and I can assign users assets but how do I get it to speak to each other to auto populate the asset when the user requests a ticket?

2 replies

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Hi @Eddybane597 ,

To have the user's main asset automatically populate when they submit a Service Request (SR), you need to ensure that the main asset is associated with the user's profile. Here are the steps to achieve this:

1. Navigate to the user's profile and ensure that their main asset is correctly assigned.
2. When the user submits an Incident or Request in the Self-Service Portal (SSP), the Main Asset field in the SR Form should automatically fill with the asset associated with them.
3. If the Main Asset field is not being populated, verify that the user has a main asset listed in their profile. If not, associate an asset with the user's account.
4. Test the SSP again to see if the Main Asset field gets populated when the user submits a ticket.

If you need more help, have further questions, or just want to chat about this topic, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I PM’d you! still doesn’t want to work!