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While setting up some new request templates, I noticed that the "Notes" section is pre-populated with "If relevant, add this Request details to the Knowledge base. Close the Request." Is there anyway to remove this? It is automatically included in any email notification sent to the user about their SR since it's considered a note. I tried creating a completely new template, checked the sub-type template, and I can't figure out how to remove this. Thanks

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Just a thought, you could try locating that string in the translation file & just removing it, which would presumably have the desired effect?
Tried that, I couldn't find the string anywhere in the translation file.
Hi Phil, Do you know if there's been a customization to add that text as the default value? Out of box, the Notes field would be blank during the form input, and in a notification, it also just shows as an empty string. Michael
We have not had any customizations to our system. I checked and the details are not in the sub-type template but it does appear in a number of our normal request templates. Most of them were in the original setup, but I have created a few new ones for our purposes. It seems pretty random the ones that have it vs the ones that do not so I can't tell you what the original culprit is. Thanks
A quick work around could be to edit the notification code to check for the text you do not want displayed and replace it with and empty string. /Michael
Also noticed this on our basic request template. Doesn't show under Sub types
We are still experiencing this issue, is there anyway that SysAid support can go into the back end to edit the ticket templates? I'd rather not have it in the ticket template at all instead of just hiding it from the email template. Thanks
Hi Phil, Have you already contacted support to check on the back-end for you? If not, I can have a ticket opened to follow-up. Please PM me your account details. Cheers, Michael
Thank you Michael, I sent you a PM with my account details.
Hi! had the same problem and this is some really interesting "behaviour"... I was able to DELETE the content within this message, but only after I've disabled an option (or have I enabled it?) The option was something like: allow notes to be added without the add notes button or allow notes to be edited... I was looking up and down but couldn't locate this setting inside v14.3.12 b22. I think I could remember that this setting was located under SETTINGS --> END USER PORTAL --> END USER PORTAL SETTINGS. After I've allowed editing notes without using the "add notes" button, I was able to delete the pre populated content. I've enabled the option afterwards and everything was fine. This really puzzles me for I have done this procedure on an earlier version of sysaid (14.2), but I wasn't able to locate this setting in the current version. Hope this helps... BR - Sven
Hi Phil - got your ticket sent off to CR. We should get that fixed soon. Asap - I was digging into 14.4 and couldn't find the setting you mentioned. In fact, I have some follow-up as I could add the notes into the end user submission form, when when filling-out the form in the end user portal, the notes field is automatically hidden. My guess is that's where the data could be stored. Michael
Good Morning Michael, well - I should have been more "precise" ;) There definitly was a setting within the SysAid Portal (I've discussed this with Sofia from the Service Team) which prevents the user to add notes without using the add notes button. After disabling this setting (so that a user could enter notes directly into the notes field --> depends on your templates) and applying this I was able to remove the pre populated content within the notes field in the templates. I was able to save the templates and the notes fields were empty (as wanted) I've enabled this mysteriously option again - so that a user/admin can only enter notes by using the add notes button and my job was done. I've had empty templates without pre populated content (even in the SR section and within Action Items). @Phil - you could take a look at your table "service_req" - you can find all templates in this table as well. Just take a look on your template ID and search for it... for example: select * from service_req as sr where = 10 Be aware to have a WORKING Backup in place! when messing directly with the database! Be sure what to do, when you directly change thins within the database! then you could just delete all notes from this template (for example ID = 10) with the statement update service_req set notes='' WHERE id = 10 Subtabs can be found in the sr_sub_tab table, so if you want to change a "advanced service request template" with ID 11 then go ahead and find all adjacted subtabs with select * from sr_sub_tab as st where st.sr_id = 11 change your description the same way... update sr_sub_tab set description='my new description - bla bla' where sr_id = 11 Be aware that this is just an example and it is pretty dangerous messing directly with the database. Do at your own risk ;) best regards - asapHO
We are on the cloud hosted version and do not have any access to the database, unless I just don't know how to do it.
Hi Phil... well... that's odd. I'm pretty sure you won't got access to the database... I'm pretty sure they'll get around with a solution... Maybe the mysterious button will appear again ;) Maybe we should ask ScoobyDoo ;) BR - asapHO
Had the same issue and this is how I was able to fix it. (Nice hint from asapHO) Go to settings>Customize>Appearance Change "Allow notes to be added only by using the "Add a note" button" to disabled (if enabled) Save Go to Settings>Service Desk Templates and click on the template you want to change Delete the text from the Notes field Apply Go back to settings>Customize>Appearance Change "Allow notes to be added only by using the "Add a note" button" to disabled (only if enabled as above)
Hi untricky... THAT'S IT! I was searching this option up and down (and only could remember, that I've changed it) - but I was looking for a checkbox... kind of "screen blindness" ;) Thanks for your feedback - for further reference I've attached a screenshot showing this setting
Has someone found a way to turn off the automated note? I am seeing it in the on premise version, v20.2.14 b4, and have had a few people ask about it.