changing request user to email address not in the system

  • 14 September 2023
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Afternoon Folks

(This is a post merger scenario)

The company we merged with was using Salesforce as their Help Desk (not recommended) and while I have all of the company end users using Sysaid we are still getting external users submitting requests thru Salesforce.

I do have a rule in Salesforce that forwards those requests to

My current issue is those forwarded requests show with a request user of myself

I’d really like to be able to change the request user to the email address of the requestor


I haven’t found a solution yet.. I’m hoping someone her has an answer





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Hi @jsidoti 

Sorry we missed your question!

I assume that Salesforce forwards an email to your helpdesk email, so the sender is always the same. You can use email rules so that all emails coming from that sender will set a different request user of your choice. This can be done in the Action Builder (see the screenshot).



If you want the request user to be dynamic, we need more info to help you. Please, create a ticket for our support team, so they can create a custom project for you.


And finally, you can also create an autoreply to say your external users that Salesforce email is no longer available, so they need to send the email to SysAid 😉


Let me know if it helps!