How to create new fields in request?

  • 25 April 2022
  • 3 replies

As I can create a new field on the incident page, it has a Design Form button.

On the request page, I do not know how to create a new request page. Please teach me.

I can success to create a new field named channel. However, I cannot create a field on the request page.

I enclose herewith 3 photos for your kind attention.

3 replies

Jason- still create your field the same in customize and then go back to sub type to add in the field to the template.

See my attachment for screenshots. See if that helps.
I still cannot create the new field on the normal request admin page. The new field name is 'Channel'. I can see the Channel field on Advanced Request Process which is a drop-down list.

Please advise changing the new field from word to drop-down list on version v20.3.64 b14.

Thank you.