SLA Breach - not sure how

  • 25 April 2024
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If a ticket breaches its SLA and isn't resolved yet, we change the due date and de-escalate it. That works temporarily, however, as soon as either we or the end user replies to the ticket, it immediately goes back to saying it has breached its SLA and sending an email.


Is there something in the escalation rule that we can adjust? Can you point me to the right area to check?

These rules were set up for us and now trying to determine how to adjust and what meaning each of these rules have.

1 reply

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Hi @ljablonski ,

It’s hard to know for sure without seeing the SR or the escalation rule, but checking the History tab of the SR might provide some insight since it will show any escalation rules that have run on a ticket. Once you figure out what escalation rules are running, you should be able to make the necessary changes to fix the issue.