When linking child tickets, how can categories copy over?

  • 20 March 2023
  • 2 replies

We had a multi-user issue today, and when our tickets are raised, they come in with blank categories.

Is there a way to force the child ticket to inherit the categories of the parent when you add the parent ID into the child ticket, when it has blank categories?

It meant that our analysts had to manually update every category as well as the parentID today for 30+ tickets.

2 replies

Hi @zoewalters

What is the source of these tickets? Are they coming from email or SSP?

If they are coming from an email check the email rules. You could define the categories that come in from an email. Please see more information about Email Rules to learn how to edit the categories. 

If you give us more information we’ll be able to better assist you.



They mostly come in via email, however we require the categories to be blank so that our helpdesk can triage and set the categories so they are accurate.

In this situation, Parent ticket had been triaged and categories were set.

More tickets came in with blank categories, which were made children of the ParentID.

It would save time if - when we choose a ParentID, the categories are inherited from the Parent ticket so that every category is the same when the ParentID is applied, to save setting individual categories. 

Otherwise, each ticket has to have a category set before it can be related to a parent. But if an analyst sets the wrong category I will then have a potential mismatch of categories in the child tickets. And, it takes extra time to set categories before saving, which when there is a ParentID they should all have the same category as it’s the same root cause.


I will also look at the email rules as an additional option. Thank you.