Import Export all data/info from old sysaid server to new sysaid server without using DB restore

  • 24 August 2022
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i plan to migrate all sysaid data from old sysaid server to new sysaid server without performing DB restore. I want to have new clean sysaid and just import all data from old sysaid system. is there any tools, or proper way to do that.


8 replies

current DB My SQL 5.6.51 x64

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Hi @Noor Ilham 

Just to understand you want to build everything from scratch including users, tickets etc? 

In general this is good guide to follow when reinstalling SysAid check it out

If still not sure I reccomend you reachout to our lovely Customer Care team to better understand your needs and guide you throught his sensitive process. 

Reach out via live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Portal


Yes, we would like to have fresh sysaid system but want all existing users,tickects etc to be export to the new system. any tools or steps to do this? we dont want to do DB restore.prefer to do import export options if available. what we want is to transfer existing data from old server to new server.  There no guide from sysaid on this method

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Hi @Noor Ilham,

Ok please reach out to our customer and follow these steps (they might be a bit different for On-Prem though):

  1. Open a ticket with SysAid’s Customer Care team to deliver a daily backup of Your data at no cost to You. You will have the option of choosing to receive Your database in MySQL format or Your attachments files or both.
  2. Once Customer Care enables this for your account, the daily backup files will be available for SysAid Administrator users in Settings > Customize > Events Logs. Separate list items will be created per type of backup.
  3. The download link in each item expires after one week.

Reach out via live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Portal to our Customer Care team to activate this on your environment 



My Sysaid is On-Prem version. any guide for export import or migration tool available from sysaid?

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@Noor Ilham, migrating only partial data is a special project with additional cost. 

And yet it is still unclear what is the purpose of the migration? When you import all the historical you are continuing your old SysAid helpdesk with same settings and same content. 

Let us know, 


What is the cost for this special project?


Purpose of migration : OS upgrade and current sysad having issue. Sysaid support is already taking so much time that already impact to business operation. We looking to perform clean installation on the existing server and perform import all historical data without performing database restore activity.

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Hi @Noor Ilham 

I see your ticket is actively investigated but unfortunately, sometimes it can take a while until we pinpoint the issue. We appreciate your patience!