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  • 10 October 2022
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Hey All,


I’m looking for a list of tags/variables, or functions. I’ve seen references to using variables likes this: ${Notes}, as well as functions like sr.getCustomList(“Custom List Name”), just an example not sure if that’s the actual function. 


I was wondering if there is a centralized list that I could use. I’m trying to set default values in my Change Request templates to specific values. I understand that I can prepopulate data based on other fields in the CR but I haven’t had much luck with them actually carrying over, specifically the “Assigned To” field.


This is how I have my workflow currently set up:



Any help is greatly appreciated!

1 reply

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Hi @Jack Thompson ,

First, the notifications are written in Apache Velocity language check the supported operators here:

Second, highly recommend checking out @Ben Perry session about workflows from SMART!

Let us know ho it goes!