Variables in Change Template fields

  • 27 June 2017
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We are using SysAid for Change Management, or at least attempting to use it.
It is not gaining traction, for a couple of reasons:
-End-users who are not SysAid administrators, but who are involved with the change management process need to go through Workflow Actions.
-Workflow actions provides no information about the change.
-Change Management templates do not allow including a description field in the subtypes which appear in the Workflow actions.
-Change Management templates do provide adding a Title field in the subtype template which displays in the Workflow, but I want it to populate from the original title entered by the person who entered the change request, and I can find no way to do this programmatically. I need to be able to include a variable in the template which will insert the information entered in the Workflow in each step.
Reentering the same information at every step of the workflow fails on so many levels and makes SysAid less useful than a PDF form.
Please point me towards the documentation which demonstrates how to populate fields programmatically.

2 replies

Hi abruner,

You can automatically populate action item fields by constructing a Change template and clicking on Attributes, then going to the "Populate values from other action items" section, and configuring it to copy information from Service Record field to the correct action item field. Set the population trigger to whatever is preferred in your situation. My guess is that you would want this information to be updated with Title field updates, so make it SR Update, then click Add.

Let me know if this works for you.

In general, I suggest going through our Edit Request documentation page.

Thanks Danny. This is not the most elegant solution I've seen, but it does work.