how do I merge a ticket?

  • 8 April 2024
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how do I merge a ticket?

2 replies

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To merge a ticket in SysAid, please follow these steps:

1. Access your SysAid admin portal and log in.
2. Navigate to Service Desk -> Help Desk -> All.
3. Identify the tickets you intend to merge by locating their SR numbers.
4. Select the tickets for merging by checking the boxes on their left.
5. Click on the Merge button.
6. In the ensuing window, input the merge reason and utilize the menu on the right to determine which sections from the tickets will be merged. The default settings can be found on Settings > Service Desk > Merge Service Records.
7. Choose the primary service record from the table at the bottom of the window.
8. Click 'Merge' to implement the changes.

Please note that once tickets are merged, they cannot be unmerged. If the merge button is not available, it may be necessary to enable the Merge service records permission from Tools > Administrators.

there is no Merge button in the new spaces interface