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  • 30 October 2009
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Hi I have searched the forum but could not find an answer to this.... I wish to allow a support call to be created from only selected (around 2) email addresses. I am sick of lazy users just sending an email meaning we have to set the categories etc... ourselves instead of logging a call correctly. I cannot block totally though this as certain people (CEO, Owner etc...) are allowed to be lazy 😉 Can I do this? I would also like an auto reply to let them know a support call has NOT been created if poss. Cheers

7 replies

first follow the advice mentioned here /Sysforums/posts/list/ to stop users setting up the requests by email Then add a second email integration account to sysaid and only reveal the new email address to those lazy people (cough: I mean Highly important beings at the top).
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On SysAid no. But you can put rules on the incoming mailbox. If you're using outlook-exchange take a closer look at "Rules and alerts" under "Tools" menu in outlook.
I am ideally looking at using the existing email integration address. As I said, people at the top are extremely lazy and will either complain that I changed the address or forget and still email the old address before complaining about it. I also don't trust them not to tell anyone else about the new address. The email integration address is from an exchange account but I can't use rules in Outlook as that would require the user account to be logged in permanently. Is there not a way to set a sysaid rule up that allows from specified addresses and rejects from any other with an auto reply? Hopeful 😁
liam888, At the moment, you can only block emails with certain phrases in the subject, but not per email address. If you want, you can open a feature request for this in the feature request forum at: /Sysforums/forums/show/ so it can be considered for future releases. Regards. Haim
Ok, will do thanks Haim 8)
Has this feature been added? I need to block a specific user who is spamming our helpdesk email box. Thanks, Heidi
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Hi all, 

Yes you can blacklist specific emails or domains, learn more here.