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Big Developments for SysAid for Teams! Cloud v23.1.40

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Big Developments for SysAid for Teams! Cloud v23.1.40

Hi SysMates, 

Roses are red, valentines day is all done, and this release we continue to develop SysAid AI for Teams, check it out:   

SysAid AI for Teams Displays KB Articles with Rich Text Formatting & Images

Users can self-resolve issues more easily using rich and engaging Knowledge article content.

  • SysAid For Teams now displays images, tables and rich text properties of the original article.

  • These visual elements enhance the overall experience of reading articles and will help users self-resolve issues.

Important Notes:

  • Article view in iOS is not yet supported.

  • Images added to the article are only displayed if embedded.

  • Large images & tables can result in horizontal scrolling

  • If your knowledge base article has non secure URLs (http), we recommend changing them to secured URLs (https), to avoid needing to define them as 'Open in new tab" in Settings.



This is part of version 23.1.40, gradual rollout: February 19-26, 2023, 

and it's in our Documentation, too!


Till next time 💐

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