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Bugs resolved, joy delivered! Version 22.4.20 - Gradual Rollout: October 23 - 30

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Bugs resolved, joy delivered! Version 22.4.20 - Gradual Rollout: October 23 - 30

Hi SysMates, 

The end of the year is just around the corner, and we are giving attention to the bugs you care about!

In the next couple of versions, we will be rolling out bugs that were reported in high numbers and hopefully bring some joy to you and yours. 


In this version, we delivered 1 Feature, 3 Bugs, 2 Security Enhancement, which you ask? Click below to find :) 



The ticket ID numbers listed in reports exported to CSV files no longer include a comma. 
For example, instead of displaying the ID number as 232,568, it now displays the ID number as 232568. 
This applies to all reports within the system, but not to other exports.


Fixed a bug that prevented the asset list from sorting assets by the Last Access Time column.


Fixed a bug that prevented SysAid from displaying a visual indication (*) for required fields in the template and sub-type forms.


Azure integration enables, by default, the option for it to be the secondary user repository, when the customer is already running another user repository integration. 
This makes it easier to enable Azure integration to access certain SysAid capabilities without creating duplicate users.


Tightened security for SysAid login around password validation and Captcha display.


Upgraded to the latest version (1.10.0) of JAR to fix Apache Commons Text vulnerability. This covers CVE-2022-42889.


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