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Bugs resolved, joy delivered Vol.2! Version v22.4.30 - Gradual Rollout: October 23 - 30

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Bugs resolved, joy delivered Vol.2! Version v22.4.30 - Gradual Rollout: October 23 - 30

 Hi SysMates, 

Yes, we mean it.  This end of the year we are focusing on the small bites that make your life just a tad more joyous, rolling out features and bugs that were reported in high numbers.


In this version aka joy vol.2, we delivered 3 Bugs, 1 Security Enhancement, which you ask? Click below to find :) 



Fixed a bug that prevented the in-reply-to functionality from working as expected when OAuth 2.0 protocol was used in email integration.


This fix resolved a highly problematic issue in which tickets were repeatedly duplicated when users CCed an integrated email address on a reply to an email thread related to a ticket.​​​



Admins can now filter List Views and Dashboards by relational list fields. 
Creating the flexibility to view the unique information important to your organization and for your work. 



Fixed a bug that prevented the Service Record Actions list from displaying the value of custom relational list fields.



Upgraded the Patch Management implementation to Apache HTTPD version 2.4.53 to prevent vulnerability errors.


> It's also here <

  You haven’t moved yet to OAth 2.0? what are you waiting for? Here is everything you need to do it: 

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Ok but when will you fix how bad it is on mobile to view tickets. It used to be fine albeit unoptimized but then you guys changed the webpage

Hi @JaredTAC 

Did you have a chance to catch our roadmap session on SMART 2022 check out our plans for 2023:

Also if there are specific things you want to be improved on the mobile front suggest and Idea and will open it for voting to see who else it is important for!