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Bugs resolved, joy delivered Vol.4! Version 22.4.50 - Gradual Rollout: December 11 - 18

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Bugs resolved, joy delivered Vol.4! Version 22.4.50 - Gradual Rollout: December 11 - 18

Hi SysMates, 

It’s the version before last for the year 2022 and we are rolling out a few more little joys requested by you. 


In this version aka joy vol.4, we delivered 4 Bugs, which you ask? Click below to find :) 


#22511 - OAuth 2.0 and third-party email automations

Fixed a bug where a missing header prevented the creation of a ticket. This bug occurred when tickets originated from a third-party provider (anti-virus, telecommunication etc.), and OAuth 2.0 Incoming Email integration was set.


 #15066 - OAuth 2.0 and sent items records

Fixed a bug where emails sent from SysAid were not saved in the 'Sent Items' folder of the O365 mailbox. This took place when using OAuth 2.0 email integration. To locate your sent (deleted) emails, simply click the Recoverable Items link (at the top of the Deleted folder) and find all the relevant emails. To read more about this Microsoft 365 functionality.


  #14527 - Apostrophe matters

Added support for apostrophes (‘) in User Group names. O'Neal's Team, Olivia’s Team etc. are also supported on the List View of your choice.


 #14857 - Request Time is clearer when exporting reports 

Eliminated confusing presentation of the Request Time date range when exporting reports. If there is a range, it is presented Month, Date, Year - Month, Date, Year. If it is a single date, then it simply appears, Month, Date, Year.


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Stay tuned for the last version of 2022 v22.4.60 we saved some real goodies for last!

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PS no. 2 -

You haven’t moved yet to OAth 2.0? what are you waiting for? Here is everything you need to do it: 


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