Release Notes

Version 22.3.20 – (Gradual rollout: July 17 - 24)

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Version 22.3.20 – (Gradual rollout: July 17 - 24)

Hi All, 

Excited to share with you this release elevating our AI service desk capabilities!

AI Service Desk: Ticket Classification Wizard

Once user clicks the Create ticket button in Microsoft Teams, the Ticket Classification Wizard will appear allowing users to set the Categories, Description, and Urgency for the tickets they submit via the SysAid Bot.


AI Service Desk: New Ticket Summary

Once ticket is submitted the Ticket Summary is displayed, and includes buttons for more actions: 

  • Add note
  • Add attachment
  • Close ticket
  • Main menu


We also fixed bugs and more small features on a couple of SysAid modules:
SSP | RDS | AI service Desk

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