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Version 22.3.40 - Gradual rollout: August 14 - 21

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Version 22.3.40 - Gradual rollout: August 14 - 21

Hi All, 

A new cloud release is here with some goodies on several fronts, let’s see what we have here: 


Making it Easier to Adopt AI Service Desk

For accounts that are happily using a different user repository and must enable Azure for the AI Service Desk, we created a new option to define Azure as a secondary repository. For example, this enables LDAP and Azure User Repositories to work side-by-side.

The 'Azure-secondary' mode allows customers to easily setup the AI Service Desk. They can activate the pre-requisite Azure integration without leaving behind their existing groups, filters, sign-in, and password services. Learn more here


At least 8 accounts had this on their wish list and now it’s here! 🙌🏼


Query Builder: Low-code Configurability of Date Filters

Instead of having to choose start and end dates, admins can now choose from a simple dropdown list of pre-defined time periods in the query builder.

  • This is available on list filters related to all entities across SysAid. 

  • This saves admins time and requires low effort to set up as no-code is required. 




Edit User Group Page Improved 

The edit page for User Groups has been improved, sectioning the information and actions into three tabs: General, Members, and Permissions, as well as adding option to delete or duplicate group.  



Another good one is part of this release on the Patch Management front #15902: 

Increase the flexibility to configure the Patch Management reboot policy. When choosing “Let Users Decide” admins can select if to include the allow  “Don’t Bother Me Again” option for end-users. 


We also fixed bugs and more small features on a couple of SysAid modules:
General  | Patch Management | Self-Service Portal | Third-Party Integrations | BI Analytics

> Check IT all out <


And let us know what you think, in the comments!



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