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Version 22.3.50 - Gradual rollout: August 28 - September 4

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Version 22.3.50 - Gradual rollout: August 28 - September 4

Hi SysMates,

A new cloud release is here and I am liking what I see (hint analytics is my fave):


New Chart Type for Dashboard: Action Items Overview  

New chart type added to the out-of-the-box list of charts, available in the Advanced Reporting section in Settings called Action Items Overview. Helping admins keep track of their workflow tasks.

New Chart Type: Action Items Overview

By the way a few more new charts will be coming soon so stay tuned!


Service Record Actions List View Improved
Added a new view to the Service Records Actions list called Dashboard, which directly correlates with the new chart type Action Items Overview

In the table display, three new columns are included: 

  • Service Record Type
  • Category
  • Sub Category (Optional)

Same as the fields in the Action Items Overview chart.

Service Record Actions list view

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We also fixed bugs related to our Third-Party Integrations with Azure and Jira 

> Check IT all out <


And let us know what you think, in the comments!



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