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White label your bot and more on v23.1.30

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White label your bot and more on v23.1.30

Hi SysMates, 

January is all over and we are actually still in 2023, and we continue to roll out more features. Let’s check it out: 

White label the SysAid Bot

The SysAid bot on Microsoft Teams can be customized by Admins to fit their unique company brand and culture;

  • Create a bot ‘persona’, consistent with brand identity and IT requirements

  • Align with internal corporate themes, colors, and branding

Learn more about setup here.

Customize your default values for Asset Types

The Asset Types page now includes a “Default Location/Department/Company” column. This enables you to define default values for each individual asset type – providing added flexibility and customization options for assets’ default values.

When defining the Location, Department, or Company you can choose the logic for each value: “Same as owner”, “Set manually” or “None”. 


These two are big but they are not alone we also delivered:

 #18814 - Company names with special characters in Azure syncs 

Fixed a bug that caused the company entities to be duplicated when imported from Azure, if the company name included special symbols (i.e. ä, ß, é, ç etc).

#24673  - Automate Joe column duplications

Fixed a bug for accounts using Automate Joe, that caused the 

“Visible in automation panel” column to be duplicated in the “Request Templates” list view.

#17830  - Service catalog search results in SSP 

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the SSP to open the homepage (when clicking on a search result) instead of the desired service catalog page.

#14503 - New tag for email notifications: $RequestUserManager

The new $RequestUserManager email notification tag is now used to retrieve the Request User’s manager name according to the “User name Display Method” (as defined in the Customize Appearance settings). This tag replaces the previous $ReqUser.userManagerName tag. 



What is all this you ask? Version 23.1.30, gradual rollout: February 5-12, 2023

and It's also here


If you brand your bot, will you share what you created with us in the comments? would love to see 🤗

Till next time, 


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