Admin User name display method in a Dashboard Chart

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I have configured some charts in the dashboard to dsiplay information grouped by "Assigned to". The charts work very well but the Admin username is only displayed in the DOMAIN\username format. I made some tests and charts will only display Admins username in such format no matter how the user name display method is configured in the Customize>Appearance configuration page. I have tried "First and last name", "login name-first and last name", "Last and first name", etc but the charts only display the using the mentioned format.

Have any of you managed to get the charts display the admin username in a different format?? We would love to display the admin user name just as the SysAid field user name (username format) and not as the User ID SysAid Field that uses the DOMAIN\username format.

Is this possible??

Look forward to your comments.

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I'd love to see this as well. The fact that the charts do not expand to fit the data makes them almost useless. For our organization, the domain is 10 characters long, so that really kills visibility, especially on the bar charts.
Is there any answer to this? I am finding the same thing with our template workflows. You can't tell who the tabs are assigned to without clicking into them.
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Same issue. We informed SA of this over a year ago.