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  • 25 January 2023
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we are using Sysaid on Linux. Now we want use the Report “Satisfaction by admins”. but it shouldnt be possible to look into the “details”. So we would like to edit the site where config hides the details from the checkbox that enables this (please see screenshot). in the filesysem we can’t find the site for the reports. How can we edit this?



Best answer by Maayan Karstaedt 6 February 2023, 10:02

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Hi @wolle , 

What On-Prem version are you on? 

Also, just to make sure we understand you want to see the details but when you check the box it still isn’t provided in the export? 

Let us know,



Hello Maayan,

thanks, we use 

SysAid VersionPro Edition

Buildv16.1.25 b28


on a open SuSe Linux


What we want is, to hide the box. Administrators are not allowed to find out who rated them.

You understand?



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Hi @wolle

First, your version is very outdated and we highly encourage you to upgrade your version and guarantee that you enjoy the latest security enhancements (including log4j vulnerability) and new features. See what you have been missing out on here..

Regarding the issue above, is it correct to say you do not want the other admin users to have access to the report at all? not a specific checkbox in the report? If so you have a few options: 

  1. Disable access to all reports on admin user or user group level. 
    Go to: Tools > Administrators / Groups > Relevant admin user / Group > tab permissions, > checkbox: Access reports


  1. Disable access to a specific report, Go to the page for All Reports > Click on the pencil icon on the top right > find the report you want > click the pencil in the relevant row

It will open this window where you can define access for the report per user group:


Let us know if that helped!


That works, thanks a lot