Is there a way to report on when the status of a Service Record was last changed?

  • 21 March 2023
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We are looking for a way to report on when the status (not necessarily the last modification of the SR) was last changed for a service record.  The outcome is a way to track how long service records have been in say a Pending User or Customer Responded status regardless of other notes or field changes in the service record.  Ideally, a database field dedicated to that with a timestamp of when the last status change took place.  Does something like this already exist?

4 replies

Hi @Colin Bodkin

We have a report called Track SR Field Changes. Go to Analytics> Reports> Track SR Field Changes. From the SR field select the status and “Include details of the change.” This is an example of the output. 



Please let us know if you have further questions :)

The Track SR Field Changes report doesn’t present this in a usable format for us.  We are taking this data and using Power BI to create dashboards.  A dedicated database field with a timestamp of when the last status change took place is what we need.  In report format, something as simple as this would work.  SR_ID, Current_Status, Status_Date (this is the desired field I am referring to).


Hi @Colin Bodkin,

The table you’re looking for is called: Service_Req_History. 

In your query, you can select the fields that you want.

For example: id, status, update_time. 


For further information you can check out our database guide:

Please let us know if you still need any help :)



Is the update_time in that table specific to when only the status was last updated?  It seems to be more any update which is not what we are looking for.