New Custom Field "Time" from insert_time

  • 7 March 2013
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Dear User,
I'm new sysaid user, I need to add a new custom field in the form incident where we save the time of insertion of the ticket.
I know that the time is in the "insert_time" but as I define the new custom field?
Thank you!

2 replies

Hi RobGolds,

Thank you for this post,

The built in field with the time the service request was created is called Request time and can be added to the service request page using the Design cogwheel icon.
If you wish to add a custom filed type date where you would insert a date value this can also be done in the same method, and you have 2 built in custom fields for each type (date, int, text)

I hope this answer your question and if not feel free to reply back.

Best Regards
Ido Shomer
SysAid Customer Relations
My office uses 3 shifts (morning, noon, evening). Based on the Request time of the incident can I set up a custom filed to show it is morning, noon, evening ?