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  • 5 July 2023
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We are using the SysAid cloud version and I’m working on generating reports and getting them scheduled. So far, it has mostly been a breeze between the reports that came with our edition and the few that I’ve had to create. 

However, I need to do one that reports something along the lines of average time a ticket takes to go from new/open to closed status. Does anyone know of a report already in the system that does this? And does it take into my desk’s predefined worktimes into account? Such as if I have my times available listed as 9-5 and the ticket comes in at 430 when I open it at 9 the next day it should say that it’s only been open for 30 minutes instead of 16 hours and 30 mins.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @jstraight,


Timers and Dates in the system do take in account the Operation Hours that you have set-up. 



Now, to set-up that report we need to create a timer first.


  1. Navigate to Settings → Timers
  1. You should have the Time to Repair timer set-up by default but if you don’t you can create one. Or you can rename the existing one to your liking if it does exists.
  1. Create a New Timer by clicking a Row that do not Have a Timer Caption. Make sure you give it a name and Enable it. Make sure that you use the Expression Builder to Exclude any time of status that is a closed status or any other type that you consider it a pause. 


  1. Now you can add the Timer in the Report (Drag and Drop) by using the Edit Button on the right side (the pen) and Navigate to Data field on the left side.



Do let me know if this is what you were looking for as this does not show an average but rather the exact time tickets have spent in their lifecycle. You can then do an average on excel. 

I hadn’t realized that the data field was drag and drop. @alin.lupascu Do you know if the Time to Repair is measured in Hours/Minutes so something like 05:25 would be 5 hours and 25 minutes? 

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@jstraight It’s exactly that. HH:mm