SR Status Close = Time Counter Stopped = Ticket Closed

  • 23 March 2020
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Hope to can explain, i need a report Open Tickets vs Closed Tickets, when i create my status list in several status i put closed, this means for me the time counter of the tickets stop until another status active make the time counter to continue, for example:
status TESTING = Open, Time counting
status WARRANTY = Closed, Time stopped
status TESTING = Open, Time counting
status CLOSED = Open, Time stopped, waiting for customer confirmation
status CLOSED/CONFIMED = Closed Time stopped

But for me in the status TESTING, WARRANTY the ticket is Open is not Closed, just the time is stopped, how can make some group of status Closed (Just status CLOSED/CONFIRMED) Open (The rest of the status i have) to can make a filter for open and closed ticket no matters the status they have.

Thanks in advance

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