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  • 5 November 2008
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How can I get my SysAid tables into an Access Front End? I am much more familiar with access so I can create custom reports on the fly as needed.


22 replies

Dear LJ,

Can you please let us know what database are you using in your implantation? You can only use databases that has ODBC connection (MySQL / MS-SQL / Oracle) so if you are using the embedded one (Derby), you will not able to perform this.

Best Regards.
Ori Sharon.
Is there anyway to change the database from derby to MySQL?
Dear LJ,

To migrate the database from the embedded database to an external type (Microsoft SQL, MySQL or Oracle) you need to send us the database and our support team will perform the migration. We usually schedule this to be done over the weekend, to minimize downtime on your end. If you send us your database on Friday/Saturday evening, we could have it ready by Monday morning.
If you are interested, please send us an email to and attach your ...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\conf\serverConf.xml file and tell us which database type you are interested in migrating to. Also, please tell us which version of SysAid are you currently using + when you wish to schedule this for.

Best Regards.
Ori Sharon.

I also would like to migrate from Derby to MS Sql 2005 database. Can anyone guide me on how to do it?
I already install Ms SQL and SysAid.. but did not managed to connect them together.. :(
Thanks in advance..
I'm having this error:

Exception while checking configuration: Logon failed: Login failed for user 'administrator'. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.

Anyone can help me out? Need it urgently..
Anyway thanks in advance..
Your Administrator account is probably not the one you use to access the SQL Server.

In Active Directory create a user for SysAid Access, and then give it full permissions via groups for SQL then use this username and password in SysAid for access to the SQL Database.

Let me know if this resloves the issue!

ok, thanks BJINS..
i'll try on that later..
by the way, do i have to set a connection between ms sql to derby using firebird odbc?
I don't quite understand your question, Newbie.

Are you currently on a SQL database or are you on Derby and looking to migrate onto a MS-SQL database.

With any work regarding working directly with the database structure you are best contacting the Helpdesk at SysAis Support directly and have them deal with it.

Either email or submit a ticket at

i still got the same error.. have tried to use all available username and password related to ms sql.. but still in vain.. :(
is there any possible method to encounter this?
need to install the software asap.. :(

anyway, are u using ms sql 2005 db as your db?
would u mind to share your steps in installing sysaid and connecting it with ms sql?

I am not using MS SQL presently (purely due to the lack of foresight from the up-aboves) however I have experienced this error before.

I would suggest taking a zipped copy of your logs and sending them to Ilient and opening a Service Request. That will most likely get the problem solved quicker than on here.

Sorry I can't be of more use!

I see.. then, you're using what type of database?
Is there any charges is I ask for Ilient to help set up my database? :-s
Anyway thanks BJINS for answering my questions. 😉
I am using a Derby Database.

If you have already purchased SysAid full version then i believe a service like that would be free of charge. Also, if you are using the free version for evaluation I believe the free service may also be available.

I will PM a member of the service desk and sales to ask them to help you.
Oo.. you're using Derby. I thought you're using external database.
Currently I'm using trial version. Will purchase once managed to run on production environment successfully. :D
Anyway, thanks a lot BJINS for helping out and will help me again. Sorry to keep troubling you.
Not at all! That's what everyone is here for!

I have PM'd Ilient, so you should hear from someone in the next couple of days! =)

If you still have issues connecting the SQL database to SysAid, please open a service request by sending an email to and we will be glad to assist you with connecting the database.

Also, if you are currently trialing SysAid using derby, you can continue using it, and later down the road, we can migrate your database to SQL.

Best regards.
thanks a lot BJINS.. 😉
thanks haim..
i already managed to install sysaid with ms sql 2005 database.. but havent finished creating table in the database.. but when trying to key in data in sysaid.. it works. so, may i know where is all the data that i stored? :-s
hi guys,
there's 1 more questions that i would like to know..
if the link between external database and sys aid is successful, does that mean all the tables needed in the database is auto created by sysaid? meaning, we just need to create an empty table before installing sysaid.. that's all. then we can start using sysaid as normal just like using embedded database?
thanks in advance..
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The SysAid software installation, does all the table creation for you. You do not need to manually create any tables.
already found the auto created table in the database.
thanks a lot techguy.. 😉
Hello All,

I have been asked to generate a detailed report based on the number of tickets a single department has submitted. The report should detail who submitted the ticket and the current status of the ticket(s). This report is to run monthly.

Any suggestions?

Jeff Tademy
Service Desk Tech
Culver City
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Jeff T
Hello All,

I have been asked to generate a detailed report based on the number of tickets a single department has submitted. The report should detail who submitted the ticket and the current status of the ticket(s). This report is to run monthly.

Any suggestions?

Jeff Tademy
Service Desk Tech
Culver City

Hi Jeff T!

Nothing like a good report to show all your hard work and identify what can be optimized even more 🙂

We see you have the 'Advanced reporting' license in place so all you need to do in order to create the report is:

In your top ribbon go to:
Analytics > Reports > Create New Report
Choose from dropdown "Report Type (entity):" > Service Record
Access report created > click pencil icon "Edit" > in tab "Data" start adding relevant fields
once all the relevant data is in, choose the column you want to sum things by (i.e. Department) click the arrow next to the column header and choose "Group by this field" in order to organize your report, check out this guide for more details:

Making IT count,