Link to open in EUP special template

  • 1 March 2017
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Is it possible to send our end users a link, that they can use for open in a EUP a special template.

We create a template for NEW USER CREATION (Win & SAP), if this would be possible, I would give that link to our HR Dept. so they can advise all the Teamleaders using this link when they need that the IT create a new Windows and SAP user.

6 replies

I found that:


redirect me directly to the right template.
But the Header say: SUBMIT INCIDENT but this is a request (see green box)

Is there a way that he will display the right text: SUBMIT REQUEST ???

Thanks a lot for all help
Hi All,

I tried the same (as we are building our service catalog) but i got a strange error like below
Hi Guys,

I really need some information on that because it's part of our service Catalog website to be able to open a template froim a link and to avoid the selection on the selfservice portal 🙂
Hey guys,

I tested the method mentioned in this thread, and it works fine. Just make sure to use the correct page URL for either an incident or a request, matching up to the incident/request template, so as not to open a request template in an incident submission page and vice versa.

You right Danny,

I certianly did something wrong 🙂
Can this article be updated for 2022?

We had a URL link to a template that was working just fine until the upgrade to the On-Premises version of 21.4 just a few weeks ago. I reached out SysAid support but could not arrive at the correct answer.

This article is also 5 years old but does not have the (current) correct answer either:

This is what the link was that used to work:

Every time we go to the link, it takes us to the End User Portal, but does not open any templates.
I made sure the template in question is visible to the EUP.