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  • 6 July 2023
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my current config only allows users to add notes to a ticket when working in the portal view --

Is there a way that users could submit messages in the portal - the same functionality as when the user replies to the ticket in email?


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Hi @Reed the Swede 


I want to make sure I understand this right. You’re looking for a way that End-users would reply to an email and then the message to be added to ticket notes? Can you elaborate if this isn’t the case?


Hi Alin -

Thanks for your response - 

The way our portal is configured now, users can open a ticket in the portal -- they’ll receive an email and can communicate on the ticket through that email thread --



In the portal, the user has the option to add a note to the ticket -- but not reply to the ticket --

I’d like users to have the option to do all of the communication on their incident or request in the portal - instead of moving the communication into email -- 


Is there a way for tickets to be responded to within the portal interface - not just append a comment?




portal communication options

So here’s a screenshot - 
my test user Bruce Banner has opened a ticket - 
I have replied to the ticket within SysAid -
now the users has the option to add a comment to the ticket in the portal -- but they can’t just reply to the ticket -- :/

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Hi @Reed the Swede,


I get what you mean. The messages field is designed to intake messages, if you reply to the email that was sent re that SR it will add it to the messages field. 


Like you’ve mentioned you have two options. 

  1. Use the Notes to “reply” to whatever the admin asked
  2. Reply to the email and it will be documented under messages. 
    1.  There is an options to add the content of the email reply’s to the notes if it helps you in any way. (Navigate to Settings → Integration → Email → On the top right click on “Advanced Options” → Tick “ Add contents of emails with SR# in the subject to the SR's Notes field.” - Additionally you can enable the “Trim email body..” to remove signatures, etc.