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The self service portal is not user friendly i.e. there isn’t a status for an end user to see all “Active” tickets. They have to select all the relevant status as part of the criteria.

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not entirely sure what you mean by that.

When I look at the SSP, I can see the status of the ticket in the scoreboard or in the ticket’s details.

Can you perhaps elaborate a bit on what you think that is missing?

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See attached. There isn’t an easy way for an end user to just select “Active” to see all active status.

Is there a way to add a column for Request User?



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Hi @adsouza,

Both your requests can be configured on the admin Settings page: 

Go to: Settings > Self-Service Portal Settings > Scoreboard > Customize 

Customize your users list views
  1. For default filter list of not closed tickets:

In the pop-up window opened choose “My Tickets” and build a “Static Filter” with the conditions you want. 

Static Filter in SSP Scoreboard 
  1. Show Request User column in End-User Scoreboard: 

And don’t forget to hit “Apply” to save your changes!

Let us know how it goes!



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Thank you very much. If we keep the static filter for all Open then if the client want to see closed items, how do they do so?


Are you able to elaborate what  is meant by Badge?

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@adsouza the second tab on the scoreboard by default show you your closed tickets :)

Not about the badge question? can you elaborate? 



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Does the closed tickets only show clsoed for the person logged in OR everyone?


Re: Badge...just need to understand what do you’ll mean by badge? I understand what column means.


Thank you.

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@adsouza in the self-service portal you see only your tickets not everybody’s indeed. 

Badge - tried searching this thread to see if i missed something but i can’t see any reference to it? 

Let me know, 



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See “Badge” above.

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The challenge then is if we add a static filter on the supervisor view and if they want to see closed or archived tickets, they cannot because of the static filter.


Instead, SysAid should add in the below as part of the status selection:

  • All active status
  • All closed status
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Ah Badge! It’s the type of display see the difference between them here

Let me double check about the static filter and will get back to you



Hi Maayan,

Can I please follow up here to check if you had the opportunity to review the clarification on the static filter?

We are waiting for a resolution and would appreciate any help on this further.