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  • 9 November 2023
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The SysAid Agent installed on a select few PC’s manages to sign a user into the Self Service Portal by retrieving a sessionID from the API (I assume), and it uses this sessionID to sign the user into the SSP without prompting for credentials.


Is it possible to get this sessionID without needing the use the SysAid agent shortcut?? We have our own menu in the business and would like the portal to have a link which doesnt prompt the user to login. I have tried testing the URL generated (found in the agent log) with my own sessionID but it doesnt work.


an example of this link: https://servicedesk.((BUSINESSNAME)).com:((PORTNUMBER))/Login.jsp?jsessionid=session_3273376664d545819eab94c9b16d63a9&ignoreSSO=true


Has anyone had any success??


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Hi @MarcEnglefield92
Currently, it's not feasible, but you can leverage any of our Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations. Users will only need to log in once, and subsequently, we'll automatically log them in.