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  • 20 March 2023
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A couple of the templates on the User Self Service portal have text displayed on the template when the user selects an option from the 1st Category, e.g. ‘Marketing & Communications’ (below).



What I have been tasked to do is update the text on the template. I cannot find the field to customize the text. Does anyone know where I can find this field?




8 replies

Hi @SChandiramani

It’s difficult to know without screenshots of the template. Can you please give us the template details and screenshots within the admin portal? 

Also, it sounds like it’s a custom field so you might want to check in Settings> Customize> Fields Customization. Then click on the Service Record entity and search for a field that could already be there. 

Furthermore, maybe this issue has to do with the translation file so go to Settings> Customize> Translation, download the translation file and search for the string that you have. If you find it there, change the text that you need to, save the changes, and upload the file again. 


Let us know if this helps. 

Thanks :)

Hi @NatCohenSheffer ,

Thanks for the response. 

This is what I see in the ‘Sub Types’:

There is no such field in Customize > Field Customization. 



Hi @SChandiramani

Please send us the translation file so we can better assist you. 

Go to Settings>Customize Translation. 



Hi @NatCohenSheffer ,

Please see attached. 



Hi All, 

Any updates?



Hi @SChandiramani

We reviewed the translation file and didn’t find any reference to the text that you want to modify. 

Most likely that it is within the code of the custom field itself. 

Please follow this screenshot to find the field in the Service Record entity and then go to Display in Form.


Find the field’s name, click on it and switch to the Advanced tab. Then search for the text that you want to be modified in one of the fields. We recommend starting in the Display in Self-Service Portal Form. It should look something like this: 

If you still need help, please contact our support team. 


All the best :)

HI Team, 

I have looked at that section. I can follow the Java code, but it is looking for conditions. I will need help in this. 

What I need to display:

A message, based on the certain sub-categories (screenshot attached in original message)

What I don’t want to do:

Create a whole new template.



Hi @SChandiramani

Since this issue is a bit more complex, please contact Support via this link»

All the best :)