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  • 27 May 2023
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Hello everyone,


TLDR: Can you perform a dependency check where the value of one field is compared to another?

SysAid Cloud Customer - Latest Version

I am attempting to create a logic test within a workflow I am creating for approving user changes. I have an action item designated in the beginning of the workflow to pull the relevant field info in to perform the dependency test on a later action item and want to compare the two values to have further action items activate automatically based on that test.

For the time being, I am pulling in the values of “Request User”, “Change User” (the user who needs permission changes, pulled from the “Followup User” SR field) and “Request User Manager” (Pulled from LDAP attributes) into the first action item as custom text fields. The user data/info pulls in correctly, however when I attempt to do a dependency check on the next action item, I can’t seem to get it to compare the values. For the dependency check, I have it look to see if the first action item is complete (I have this set to auto-complete) and then check to see if the value of the field “Change User” equals the value of “Request User” by referencing the field with the following:


Replacing the CustomColumnXX with the appropriate action item field number. 

The logic behind this, is if the two values are equal, that means the user is requesting their own permission changes and the action item will activate and be automatically assigned to their manager (based on LDAP user attributes) for approval or denial. If not, the action item remains idle and the next action item will activate (based on the inverse test of the two fields not being equal) prompting our staff to make the requested changes upon further validation of the requesting party. This would be to prevent a manager/supervisor from having to approve the change they just requested and smooth out the process. I am aware that the logic is not perfect and under this scenario a user could request changes to another user who they do not manage, but that portion will be monitored manually by our staff.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can help sort this out!

1 reply

Hey @robman2122 
In order to give you a proper answer, could you please give us a screenshot of attributes populations and the template setup, including the general details tab?

Thank you in advance!