Admin Group to Receive emails when assigned to Action Item

  • 28 November 2022
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I’ve been trying to set up a template to where there is an action item that will be assigned to a specific Admin Group.

What will happen is when the action item is activated, there is this Admin Group tab in which I will choose the specific Admin Group. When I click Ok/Apply, an email notification will be sent out to the members.


I have set up a workflow notification for this as well and integrated this on the action item. However, no email is received on the members’ end and the other thing also is, I need to complete the action item, re-open it and that’s when the emails are received on their end. 


I attached a history of a sample ticket I have ran and tested, for your reference.


Can someone please help. Thanks. 



1 reply

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Hi @Cla 

Looks like we missed this one! Hope you figured it out by now but if not there are 2 places you need to check:


In the Action Item attributes: Did you choose a Notification ID


In the notification template: Did you add the variable for admin group? 

Settings > Service Desk Templates > Workflow Notifications > Choose notification > Mail Details tab 

Let us know how it goes!