custom field and the repective notification

  • 20 September 2023
  • 2 replies


I have a custom field called A that contains a list of all the owners. The same field is provided on the SR request form, and I want it to appear in the ticket under the tab where the same field is displayed.

I also want to send a notification to the approver listed in field A or should I do that by making a custom notification in the workflow tab ?

2 replies

Hi @Joel_Jose 
I’m sorry your question slipped through the cracks!
Could you give us more info? What type of the list is that (multi select, regular dropdown, relational)? And what entity is that (SR or Action item) Could you share the screenshot, maybe?


The approver should be a part of the action item. Is this approver listed in the action item?


I will share the screenshot