Early adopters, ABots needs you!

  • 14 July 2022
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Want to become an early adopter of SysAid? Get your hands on new developments first ? Give feedback and make the final tweeks on the coming SysAid product releases? Now is your chance to get in.


ABots, our new automation bots are planned to be released very soon. ABots are simple plug-n-play bots that automate the most common manual and repetitive IT tasks. 


The first release of ABots will provide User Management capabilities within: Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Exchange. 


We are looking for some test drivers (preferably from Cloud but On-Prem is also possible) to help put the finishing touches before it's released to everybody else and get it free for 6 months :)  

3 replies

We’re in.

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We’re in.

Yey, heard you already had a great meeting with David and you have Abots installed!

Excited to hear what you think!


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For more information about our ABots Pathfinder League check out these: 

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Automating IT all day. 


@David.S @Mush can answer any question you might have also!